What is NLP?

Developed in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who wanted to know how great people did what they did. They studied the best people in many areas, such as sports men, therapists and counselors. NLP is about finding out the way the best people thought and modelling that for ourselves to re-create success.

Bandler and Grinder worked out patterns to help people overcome problems that had been there for life. Many people do not realise that we have a conscious and un-conscious brain. The conscious brain is the part of the brain that you can usually hear, the un-conscious or sub-conscious is where all of your habits live. The un-conscious is the part of the brain that makes you breath, the bit that makes you drive your car without having to think as consciously as you did when you were learning.

NLP gives us tools to tap into our un-conscious mind and make changes to it. If you have a bad habit or an intense emotional reaction to something that you would rather you felt a little more in control of, NLP is the way to help you to make those changes. NLP is not about delving into past hurts and feeling all the terrible emotions that might come with that. NLP is about finding the root causes to your problems and in a negative emotional free way find change your perspective on them so that they no longer take control of your life.