Focus on the outcome that you want– Often in stressful situations we are focused on everything but what we actually want to achieve. Or we focus of the possibility of not achieving what you want to achieve. However when you are focused on the positive outcome or the successful completion of a project or situation we are not only going to feel better but we are also more likely to have a positive outcome.

Look at what you CAN DO!!! In my work as a coach I find that when someone is faced with a problem they will tell me all the reasons why they cannot deal with something. I invariably hear all of the problems and why they can’t do/deal with something.

Meditate- This is a hard one for a lot of people because they do not see the benefit of it. However in nearly every self-help book recommends this, along with most professional athletes and top business people. The scientific evidence for the effect of meditation on the brain has been documented again and again. Read more about meditation here.

Look at your diet- Diet in my opinion is the cure to most of our physical and emotion ailments. So when it comes to stress, it makes sense to cut out things that aggravate your stress response. Things like caffeine, sugar, alcohol and smoking. They may feel like they help you with stress because of the initial relief that you get from them, but after a time because these things are addictive the brain sends out a stress response (aka craving) for that thing again and again. Fill your diet with good clean plant based foods.

Talk it through- Ever heard the saying a problem shared is a problem halved? Well its true! BUT- don’t call someone simply to ‘moan’ about the problem because that will drain their energy. Get it off your chest and become resolution focused ask your friend what they would do and what they advise you to do. Then GO AND DO IT!!! You have to take action when you are feeling a negative emotion.

Write it down- Writing down a problem gets it out of your own head and you can review it clearly, it enables you to take a step back and look at things from another perspective. Once you have written down the problem you can then write down the solutions and how you want to move forward.

Ask yourself a better question- This is my favourite for any situation! If you are asking yourself things like why is this happening and how come this always happens to me, you are probably not going to get an answer that moves you forward in anyway. If you ask what is the best thing that I can learn from this situation? Or what is the best thing that I can do to move forward? You will more likely feel inspired to take positive action. For more info on the power of questions click here.

Exercise- Exercise just like mediation and diet has an amazing effect on your brain. When you think that our mood is made up of chemicals and hormones that our brain and body produces it’s no wonder that exercise, that releases endorphins and other great things means that the feelings of stress reduce.

It’s not real- Have you ever noticed that there are some people who seemly deal with a similar situation to you but do not get stressed about it? Well that’s because how we feel and respond to things comes from our experience of the world and how we see ourselves. Stress is not actually real it is coming from your perception of the situation. Take a step back and reframe the situation in to one that you can manage, or even better ask yourself what would ‘they’ do in this situation? and then GO AND DO THAT!!!

Learn what you can and can’t control- quite often stress comes from not being able to control the outcome of a situation, for example someone else’s behaviour. It will make a huge difference to you if you can let these things that you can’t control go. Release them because if you are focusing on things that you cannot control then you are not in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Relax- Find time to relax and do something you enjoy. Spend time with friends and family, take up a hobby if you don’t already have one.

Sleep- Getting enough and good sleep will put you in good stead to deal with life’s stressors. When you sleep your Reticular Activating System in your brain begins to find solutions to your stresses. So if you are committed to getting a solution, get sleeping well.

It’s an ongoing job- Like with your own health and fitness if you go to the gym once you are not automatically fit and you don’t have fitness for life. Taking heed of your health is an ongoing project, if you only take these steps for a short time they will have a short term affect. However if you make these things part of your daily life you will see long term changes.

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