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Money Management

In the past I have struggled with money, I was in debt and buying things to suffice an emotional void. Once I had worked on becoming truly happy, I felt brave enough to understand my

The Power of Meditation

What is so great about Meditation? I absolutely LOVE meditation. It is the one thing that I ‘prescribe’ to every one of my clients, and if you asked me ‘Tracey-Anne what’s the one thing I

How to handle stress

Focus on the outcome that you want- Often in stressful situations we are focused on everything but what we actually want to achieve. Or we focus of the possibility of not achieving what you want

How to stop worrying – 9 Easy Steps!

Worry is something that is an imagined fear of something that has not happened. Most people worry because it makes them feel like they are doing something. You may worry that things will happen to

Is it time to ask yourself a better question?

What should you do when feeling down in the dumps, stressed or you find yourself in a negative sate? Simple, just ask yourself a better question. It might sound crazy but you would be amazed by

How to be happy – 5 Easy Steps

Do you ever ask yourself why can't I just be happy? Becoming happy isn't some complex formula. There are simple things that you can do today that can really help to change your state of mind

Who Moved My Cheese?

An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life by Dr Spencer Johnson Who Moved My Cheese was recommend to me by my own coach - (every person should get a

A Little Help From My Friends

I am a huge believer that you can achieve anything you want in life! You just have to want it enough to actually put the hard work in. You may have a huge number of things

Eat That Frog

I read Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, cover to cover in just four hours, and I’m a slow reader with a weak bladder so you might get through it even quicker! This book is